An investigative report is troubled by ghostly presences in this innovative portrait of Jennifer Langsam's vanishing, where interviews with family, friends and witnesses nestle uneasily with dream-like visions and reenactments of Jenny's final days. Darkly funny, haunting and strange.


"Brzeski's lovely, evocative feature debut weaves in and out of itself in wonderful ways, in places echoing Hitchcock, Egoyan and Lynch. Beautiful imagery and fine performances by the cast of young actors rates LAST SEEN a must-see, from the first scene to the last."
– Mill Valley Film Festival

Produced and directed by Eva Ilona Brzeski
Written and co-produced by Holiday Reinhorn (based on her short story "Last Seen")

Associate Producer and Creative Consultant: Rainn Wilson
Editor: Eva Ilona Brzeski
Photography: Eva Ilona Brzeski, Michael Novak, Elisabeth M. Spencer
Original Music: Victor Zupanc
Sound Design: Dog Bark Sound, Inc.